Hooky cartridge

The ingenious design of the Hooky cartridge is the result of years of research and development on an easy day to day use. The cartridge merges liquid with the spark element in a single format. Thanks to the transparent and colored plastic tank, it only take a glance to see the flavor and the liquid level.

Open, insert, close, smoke !

The advent of the cartridge buries the filled tank and the replaceable spark element. The cartridge is pre-filled and the spark element is pre-soaked for an instant use after insertion. The Hooky cartridge guarantees a better conservation and a rock-solid airtightness . Switching from one cartridge to another is child's play.

The cartridge and the Hooky: It's a match !

The Hooky cartridge is compatible with all the Hooky Slim and the third generation of Hooky Classic and Hooky Royal. If you have a Hooky with a tank and a spark element to replace, all you need to do is get the cap: unscrew the old head, insert the cartridge, screw on the cap and your Hooky is ready.

The spark element is successfully integrated

The integrated spark element is a true concentrate of innovation, heir to our know-how acquired over nearly ten years. The fusion with the Hooky liquid guarantees an opacity and abundance of smoke coupled with a breathtaking flavor experience. The spark element is disposable and ready to use.

The delicious flavors according to your desires

We continue to deploy endless energy to stay true to our reputation for replicate the unique flavor of hookah. The introduction of the cartridge is no exception to this rule: constantly testing and revisiting flavors by offering you a varied range of thrilling aromas.