Schema of electronic hookah bowl


1 LED indicator
2 USB port
3 Battery
4 Tank
5 Spark element
6 Cap
7 Lid
8 Joint
9 USB cable
10 Wall adapter


Once the body is filed, seal the Hooky with the plastic joint 8 on your shisha "male type". The shisha "female" type requires an adpater (not supplied).

Inhale through your shisha hose, the LED indicator 1 will light to indicate it is in operation. Your shisha session can now begin!

Do not blow into your hose. The water in the vase may provoke a flooding on electronic parts and cause irreversible damage. Not supported by the warranty.

In order to prevent overheating, very breath is limited to 10 seconds.

In the case where the LED indicator 1 :
- flashes 3 times, click here..
- flashes 5 times, please put the hooky device into charge.


The Hooky Head cannot be used whilst charging.

Connect the USB cable 9 to the micro USB port 2 on Hooky Head and connect it to the USB Wall adapter 10 or to a USB port. The charging cycle is indicated by the continuous rotation of the LED indicator 1.

The LED indicator 1 will freeze at around 5h to indicate full charge. The autonomy varies according to use.

Safety security prevents overcharging. The battery has a limited number of charge cycles.

Usage tips

Follow this useful tips listed below for a proper of Hooky Head.

In case of you don't use the hooky head for an extended period, keep the tank out of it to prevent any leakage.

Make sure to have liquid in the tank when using the hooky head to avoid damages of the spark element and getting unpleasant taste.

The spark element is a consumable. It must be replaced when you notice a decrease in the vapour or taste. Click here to assimilate the good gesture when replacing the spark element.

To avoid unwanted mixtures flavour, use one flavour per tank or clean the tank with water, taking care to remove the spark element and leave a drying time.

You can blend the hooky flavours together and create your own mixed cocktails.

It is strongly forbidden to put the hooky head into the water, you could damage and drown the electronic circuit and cause permanent dysfunction. Not covered by the warrenty.

We recommend using only hooky liquid flavours. They have been specially designed hookah consu- mer and for optimum performance.

We advise you to make full charges and discharges in order to increase the lifetime of the battery.

User guide (PDF)

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