1 Bowl adapter
2 Molasse catcher
3 Stem
4 Valve
5 Base
6 Downstem
7 Diffuser
8 Vase

9 Mouth tip
10 Mouthpiece
11 Hose holder
12 Flexible
13 Spring
14 Hose adapter
15 Tongs

Water level

Fill the water to the inner mark, the equivalent of one liter of water.


Fill the water to the inner mark, the equivalent of one liter of water.

From the vase to the mouthpiece, the Hooky Steel is entirely made of V2A stainless steel. It has properties of high corrosion resistance and does not keep the smell after cleaning. Preferred in the food industry and the medical sector, the stainless steel has a long lifespan if cleaned and maintained properly.

The Hooky Steel has a male bowl adapter compatible with the most of available female bowls on the market. In recent years, female bowls have established themselves as the worldwide norm.

The unique function of the molasse catcher is to trap the excess liquid contained in the smoke as well as tobacco and charcoal residues escaping from the bowl. It prevents all these residues from passing through the stem, or get in contact with the water contained in the vase and finally altering the quality of the session.

The Hooky Steel downstem contains a built-in diffuser to break the air bubbles in the water vase and avoid annoying rises during the draw or the effusions during the purge. The holes are large enough to have a minimal impact on the draw. The height of the downstem and the quantity of water have been precisely measured in order to have a universal draw.

The Mouthpiece is supplied with three mouth tips in different materials: plastic, glass and metal, which offer a different feeling in the mouth, to everyone’s appreciation, for an ideal comfort during your session.


Clean the Hooky Steel with a water and soapy soaked sponge. The interiors of the stem, downstem and mouthpiece require a special hookah brush. Rinse with hot water then dry with a cloth.

The glue-free design and the use of stainless steel allow you to put all the separate parts of your Hooky Steel directly in the dishwasher without risk of deterioration.

Empty and clean the molasses catcher regularly to prevent the tank from overflowing into the water contained in the vase. It is essential to change the water as often as possible in order to purge the filtered particles and not to have an unpleasant taste during your future sessions.

The flexible silicone hose is an element that is strongly impregnated with odors. It is therefore advisable to replace it occasionally.

Precaution for use

The Hooky Steel is prohibited for minors. Smoking hookah remains dangerous for your health, just like cigarettes. The appearance of shisha tobacco and its fruity flavours as well as the smoke filtered by the water do not minimize the harm. Shisha tobacco contains nicotine which leads to addiction risks. There are tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternatives to help you quit.

We strongly advise against the use of hookah for pregnant women as well as people with heart diseases or respiratory problems.

Smoke outside or in a well ventilated area. Make short spaced aspirations out over time, making sure to end your session before the tobacco is completely consumed. We recommend using natural charcoal without self-incandescent chlorinated substances.

Use your own personal mouth tip in order to avoid any risk of infection and ensure that your equipment is cleaned after each session.

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