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Schema of portable electronics shishas


1 Mouth tip
2 Tank
3 LED indicator
4 Body
5 USB cable


When the tank is filled up, screw it back to your Hooky.

Pull at the mouth tip 1 for 7 secondes maximum, the LED indicator 6 will light.

Once inspiration complete, exhale. Between each puff, it is crucial that you pause it for 3 sec to prevent overheating.

In the case where the LED indicator 3 :
- flashes 3 times, click here.
- does not light up or flashes 5 times, Please put the hooky device into charge.


The Hooky cannot be used while is charging.

Connect the USB cable 5 to the micro USB port on Hooky and connect it to the USB Wall adapter (not supplied) or to a USB port. The start of the charging cycle is indicated by the LED indicator flashing 3

The LED indicator 3 will freeze at around 2h45min to indicate full charge. The autonomy varies according to use.

Safety security prevents overcharging. The battery has a limited number of charge cycles.

Usage Tips

Follow some tips for optimal use of Hooky listed below.

Do not fill up the tank completely with liquid , this might cause the liquid to leak. Make sure to have some liquid in the tank when using the Hooky device to avoid damages of the spark element and getting unpleasant taste.

The Spark element is a consumable. It must be replaced when you notice a decrease in the vapour or taste. Make sure when changing the spark element that your tank does not contain flavor. Click here to regarding the procedure when replacing the spark element.

Alternatively If you don't feel like waiting 5 minutes after filling up the tank to use your hooky , you can, before filling up the tank, unscrew the spark element and put 5 drops of liquid directly in it.

If your hooky is left unused for some time, make sure to empty any liquid left in the tank.

Use one tank per flavor to avoid unwanted mixtures, however you can make your own perfume blends to create creative cocktails.

We recommend that you use only our designated flavors with our Hooky. The composition of each flavor has been specially designed to meet the expectations of shisha’s consumers.

We encourage you to make battery charges and discharges in order to increase the lifetime of the battery.

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