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Hooky Steel
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Hooky Steel

Made entirely of stainless steel and with a contemporary style, the Hooky Steel shisha stands out by attracting all eyes. It has been designed to adapt to current practices by offering a pleasantly smooth draw.

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The Iron Lady

Sublime Your Space

The Hooky Steel is a medium-sized shisha with a modern and captivating design that incorporates the aesthetic codes of the brand. The Hooky Steel will not leave anyone indifferent no matter where it is, indoors or outdoors. A shisha designed for connoisseurs of the good and lovers of beauty.

Designed to Last

From the base to the stem, the Hooky Steel is made of V2A stainless steel, a material with exceptional properties commonly known as Inox. The meticulous mirror polishing and careful finishing give it a dazzling appearance. The Hooky Steel is resistant to any test, thanks to the ingenious combination of Inox and its glue-free design.

Don't let anything pass

The Hooky Steel has a molasses collector that blends harmoniously with the design of the hookah. This indispensable element captures residues, using a clever air path, preventing them from passing through the column, coming into contact with the water, and ultimately altering the quality of the session.

The calculations are good

The vase of the Hooky Steel is wide and accessible, offering an ideal ratio between water quantity and smoke reservoir. It has an interior laser-engraved water level mark for optimal water level. The precisely calculated length of the plunger includes a diffuser with holes large enough to minimize impact on the draw.

Yours Truly Hookah


The Hooky Steel is a classic shisha made entirely of high-quality stainless steel. It does not have any electronic system or battery. It is a hookah that works with a bowl and a heating system (not provided).

The Hooky Steel comes with a series of accessories: a stainless steel handle, its white silicone hose, 3 mouthpieces made of different materials: plastic, glass, and metal, a rigid holder to be placed in the stem, and a coal tongs.

The Hooky Steel vase is wide, offering total accessibility. It has an interior laser-engraved mark for an identical and optimal water level.

The Hooky Steel has a male bowl connector compatible with most bowls available on the market. Feel free to refer to our comparison of heating systems by clicking here.

Augmented Reality

Discover the Hooky Steel from every angle thanks to augmented reality.

Only available on Safari iPhone/iPad.

View the Hooky Steel in augmented reality
Hooky Steel in augmented reality

Contents of the box

  • One Hooky Steel
  • One mouthpiece / one flexible / one spring
  • Three mouth tips (plastic / metal / glass)
  • One valve / one connector
  • One tong
  • One user guide (FR/EN)


Hooky Steel overview

Data sheet

Hookah : h 52 cm x Ø 12 cm
Mouthpiece : 38 cm x Ø 16 mm
Hookah : 2.5 kg
Mouthpiece : 95 g
1 (one) year
Water volume
1 L
Inside diameter
15 mm