There are different types of tobacco: blond, brown and black. Their type is differentiated according to the variety of the plant and the fermentation of the leaves, the most common in France is the brown tobacco. The darker is the type of tobacco, the higher is the taste intensity and the nicotine level. The type of tobacco should not be confused with the coloured molasses: red, yellow, etc ..., for which the legislation on glycerin differs between countries.

Before each preparation, vigorously mix the tobacco and molasses. Molasses drains naturally to the bottom of the tobacco container, this leads to drying out of the tobacco located on the top resulting in premature combustion and a weak taste during the session. Conversely, the tobacco located at the bottom will, at the same time, be too soaked and therefore difficult to evaporate without an excessively powerful heating.

You should especially not wring out the tobacco, as the glycerin it contains is the main factor in the taste and thickness of the smoke. The quality of the session will be terribly impacted: this erroneous practice is inherited from sessions with instant light coals because heating the tobacco over aluminum is not enough powerful to completely evaporate the glycerin.

Cut and fluff out the tobacco so that the leaves do not interfere with the air circulation in the bowl or that these same leaves open during heating by sticking to the underside of the heat management device.

Do not fill the bowl to the outer edge and always leave some space by avoiding contact between the tobacco and the heating system. Without this empty space, you could cause tobacco charring resulting in an unpleasant session and premature wear and tear of your heat management device.


Natural coconut charcoals is widely available today, offering a superior heating intensity and duration at an affordable cost. This natural charcoal comes in many shapes and sizes.

Natural charcoal requires a long ignition (about 10 mins), most often using an electric coal heater. When the charcoal is half lit, turn it over to obtain a homogeneous ignition.

Strictly follow the recommendations from the manufacturer of your heat management device to know the exact number and ideal size of charcoals recommended in order to obtain the best possible performance.

Heat management device

There is a wide variety of heat management devices available to suit different ways of smoking hookah. Heat management devices are becoming more and more innovative and to help you in finding the right one for you, you will find on the following page, a comparison of the four most common devices.

All heat management devices require first an empty heating before use: place the lit charcoals in the heat management device until they burn. This process allows the evaporation of production residues which can have harmful consequences to your health.

After placing the heat management device on the bowl with the lit coals, allow a preheating time of more or less 10 minutes depending on the system. This time is crucial to ensure a good session. Never preheat the heating system by placing it directly on a electric coal heater. This manipulation will damage the heat management device and make it unusable.

The heat management device contains the charcoals and withstands high temperatures, it is a wear product. It should definitely not be cleaned, water causes corrosion of the metal and corrosive products cause the absorption of chemicals dangerous for your health, even after rinsing and drying. Consider changing it, because over time it will inevitably lose both efficiency and yield.

Heat management devices comparison

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